Miyazaki Awaits

Miyazaki Awaits

Placement announcements for Melbourne finally arrived just in time for the weekend!
Come July, your big city, little vegemite will be living and working in Miyazaki-shi, a small city along the grand coast of Kyushu Island!

I won’t deny I was pretty daunted when I first typed Miyazaki into google maps, watching on as the pin kept dropping further and further south, almost to the bottom of Kyushu island. I’m not sure what I expected exactly but I definitely didn’t anticipate to be living in the tropics, so far away from Honshu and so unlike anywhere I have visited in Japan before! But after much research and endless googling, I can honestly say I feel incredibly blessed to have received such a beautiful placement. Afterall, I didn’t want a huge city like Tokyo, nor a deeply rural placement, and I didn’t want to be knee-deep in snow either, so really I’ve hit the jackpot with Miyazaki-shi!

This will be a huge change of pace from Melbourne, but I am really looking forward to venturing into the unknown and learning more about a place that I essentially know very little about. Oh, and the local cuisine, we can’t forget about that!

Miyazaki-shi Google Maps

Here are some little facts!

  • Miyazaki-shi 宮崎市 is the capital city of Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu
  • A popular resort tourist destination for Japanese locals
  • Is very tropical, hot and humid.
  • Has an estimated population of 365,311 and a population density of 612 persons per km²
  • Known for it’s excellent all-year round surfing
  • Looks like a Japan’s Hawaii!

Local Food Specialties

  • Ripe Mangoes (my favouriteeeee)
  • Charcoal Chicken
  • Chicken Nanban (battered fried chicken with a special sweet and sour nanban sauce)
  • Miyazaki Beef
  • Cheese Maju Dumpling
  • Hiyajiru (fish and miso soup poured over rice)

Miyazaki Mango AnimePalmTree

Beach life, here I come! (Just stay away from me mukade ok? Thanks)