Birthday Eve

Birthday Eve

Tonight, on my last eve of being 26, I’m going to bed feeling pretty optimistic about life right now. Although it’s not perfect (but really, who’s is?) I have my hot water bottle at my feet, my Himalayan salt lamp filling my room with warm and cozy tones, and I have a hell of a new adventure ahead of me. It’s already been a roller-coaster of events so far, but I’m really excited for what’s to come.

Except the fine lines sneaking their way onto my face- those can hold off for a long time yet. THANKS!

Hello 27.

AHHH am I now in my late twenties?!?!?!

Spaless Evenings at The Olsen

Spaless Evenings at The Olsen

As part of our efforts to remain forever youthful, my good friend Amy and I decided to stay in a hotel this weekend with plans to eat, drink and PARTY (with the best of them). For some strange and unexplained reason we forgot to do these things (except eat) when we turned 18, so while everyone else is now busy getting engaged and having kids, we’ve decided to start living it up now, in our mid twenties.  

Better late than never, right?IMG_5302Our hotel of choice was The Olsen in South Yarra, which is part of a small chain of boutique hotels in Melbourne called Art Series. A little fauncy pauncy, but you know what, we’re all about that. Plus, there’s a rooftop spa, or so we thought there was…IMG_5203

But more on that later.

First things first- FOOD. One of the best things about Melbourne is how food crazy this city is. Everywhere you look there are new cafes and food trends hitting the streets, whether it be the rise of the food trucks, insanely hipster eateries like Easey’s (a burger restaurant that is located inside 3 train carriages on top of an apartment building) or possibly my newest obsession- Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Although it’s essentially just food delivery which has been around for decades, it’s paying someone to go and get you whatever damn food your stomach desires. IMG_5206More specifically, feta and oregano chips from Gazi, which are quite literally the best chips on the planet and I just love them so much. Hot chips tossed in olive oil and oregano, topped with feta cheese. Need I say more?! Well no, but it’s important to note these were also accompanied by pita bread and dips and also a Deliveroo delivery of spicy chicken wings and mac and cheese from Third Wave.



So how does Uber Eats work? Well it’s like the Uber “taxi”service (which by the way totally failed us when we attempted to use it for the first time-when it says your Uber is 1 minute away for 10 minutes, your Uber ain’t coming, I don’t care what you say and how dare you charge me a $10 cancellation fee!) except you basically salivate over food pictures on an app, put food in your ‘basket’ or your temporary stomach as I like to think of it…and then an Uber is despatched to go and collect your order and deliver it to your current location. There’s even an estimated delivery time and tracking device so that you can see exactly how long until you can stuff your face with pure deliciousness. Deliveroo is much the same except some poor soul has to use a push bike instead of a car! IMG_5254

So back to the spa tale. After entering a mild state of food coma we decided to put on our super fluffy robes and locate this rooftop spa that we had only been dreaming of all day…

Turns out you shouldn’t rely on google images when looking at the amenities for the hotel you’ll be staying at..or you should pay more attention to what the text says that’s attached to the image of the spa, that’s on the rooftop-of The Olsen- with the beautiful city in the background. The text that says -in quite tiny writing mind you,  Penthouse Suite. 

Well there goes our plans…


Unfortunately in this poor and unassuming case of two girls who can’t read, the pool had to suffice, however when it’s open air and 7 degrees outside and the water temperature isn’t much warmer, a Penthouse spa would have been nice.

Just saying…

In other news that can only take place on a wrong turn in Richmond, we might consider exerting Kurt’s famous words the next time google images tries to mess with us…#putemup