Waiting and Baking

I now truly understand the countless posts I’ve read about that ‘waiting game’ when it comes to the JET program. More specifically, the application process. April early departure results came and went with not a flutter of word sent my way- or it appears- any of my city’s applicants’ way, so I’ve come to the conclusion that we didn’t get offered any early placements this year. But still, there’s hope! Patience is key!

So I continue waiting.

We’re in the final countdown now with main results due out in a couple of weeks time, so to suppress my anxiety about results (and this tedious 7 month process finally coming to an end.. or beginning?) I’ve started baking! Guilt-free baking actually. Mainly to take my mind off JET but also because I’m trying to be healthy, flatten that ramen belly of mine, and satisfy my sweet tooth cravings because my gluten and dairy issues have been the bane of my life and existence and probably deserve another post altogether.

So today I made a coconut banana bread with coconut flour and LSA and I’m ecstatic to say that it turned out awesomely delicious and moist (what an awful yet relevant word HA) and tastes naughty but it really isn’t, which is exactly what makes me so super excited about healthy eating.

Guilt-free coconut banana bread


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